Who We Are

Torch 42 LLC (formerly known as Dominion) - is an outsourcing company, based in Odessa, Ukraine. We operate in fields of accounting, tax consulting and related services since 2003. We work for small and medium sized businesses, as well as for Ukrainian offices of international companies.

Our Services


We keep books, submit tax returns, do Invoicing and prepare payments.

Keeping personnel records

We keep full scale personnel records in compliance with Ukrainian regulations.


We represent you at tax service and local government bodies.

Intercompany reports

We can prepare internal reports for head offices, in compliance with companies standards.

Payroll Service

We calculate salaries, according to the client’s system, as well as taxes, and prepare all payments.

State register

We can help with the process of state registration of your business in Ukraine.

Why Us

Why Us

We are dedicated to providing complex service for managing your necessary relations with local authorities. We get paid for full scale bookkeeping and accounting, tax accounting, preparation of all necessary tax returns and documents to authorities, for knowing and understanding of local laws and procedures and for saving client’s time and effort.

For LLCs we can take our client’s day to day accounting, tax accounting, personnel records, payment processing, payroll, represent our client at tax services and other authorities and banks. We also provide basic legal services and provide you with reliable partners for the tasks, which are beyond our current competence.